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Science and Technology Ethics

This page presents the transcript of the lectures of the course “Science and Technology Ethics”, held in the spring term 2018 at Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan (Course number and official title: (1062-0428)-善與義務:科學與科技倫理).


Class 1 (March 7th) – Introduction

Class 2 (March 14th) – Technology Definition

Class 3 (March 21st) – Knowledge and Science

Class 4 (March 28th) – Scientific Method and Practice

Class 5 (April 11th) – Scientific Misconduct

Class 6 (April 18th) – Science as a Network Activity

Class 7 (May 2nd) – Animal Experiments

Class 8 (May 9th) – Sustainability

Class 9 (May 16th) – Technology and values

Class 10 (May 23rd) – Responsibility

Class 11 (May 30th) – Risk, Uncertainty, Precaution

Class 12 (June 6th) – S&T Governance, Technology Assessment

Class 13 (June 13th) – Example: Nanotechnology

Class 14 (June 20th) – Example: Nuclear Energy


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