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Discourse Ethics

This page contains the transkript of the lectures of the course “Discourse Skills for Contemporary Applied Ethics”, held in the winter term 2017 at Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan (Course number and official title: (1061-0424)-知識與實在:當代應用倫理學的論述技巧


Class 1 (September 20th) – Introduction

Class 2 (September 27th) – Discourse Ethics

Class 3 (October 25th) – Ideal Discourse

Class 4 (November 1st) – Ethical Argumentation 1

Class 5 (November 8th) – Ethical Argumentation 2

Class 6 (November 22nd) – Medical Ethics

Class 7 (November 29th) – Political Discourse

Class 8 (December 6th) – Science and Technology Ethics 1

Class 9 (December 13th) – Science and Technology Ethics 2

Class 10 (December 20th) – Business and Economic Ethics

Class 11 (December 27th) – Media Ethics

Class 12 (January 3rd) – Discourse with Absent Stakeholders

Class 13 (January 10th) – Discourse and Culture

Summary and Exam Practice


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